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Picturesque Park City

With the changing times, family travelers are trading airplanes for automobiles- cruising our country’s backroads. If you’re craving a unique excursion via the Valley (Phoenix, AZ), surrender SoCal beaches for wide open spaces.

The drive is simple and scenic. Depart the Valley and head to Park City- it will take about 10.5 hours. Upon arrival, you'll find peace in Utah's glorious gem known for its winter haven of snow sports. However, there is so much more to do and explore...

Where to Stay

Newpark Resort sits amidst the Swaner Nature Preserve lined with paved walking paths. The property is centrally located in the area’s Newpark neighborhood- a community of shops and restaurants. It’s also a quick drive to Park City’s famed ski lifts.

Blending modern luxury with chic comfort, the property offers plush rooms and spacious townhouses. If you’re traveling with a group- book a townhouse; they’re equipped with an attached garage, dual master suits, a gas fireplace, and my favorite- a private hot tub. Best part: you don’t have to bring a thing. Amenities are just like home; there’s laundry and a fully stocked kitchen.

Where to Play

Woodward Park City is a slice of heaven for daring individuals. The indoor/outdoor facility is an esteemed action sports destination with impressive grounds and 60+ acres of outdoor terrain and mountain parks. If your kid dreams of acing ramps via skateboard or scooter, this is their Disneyland. I recommend booking a private class and witnessing your kid wowing you in a matter of minutes; my son scootered down ramps into foam pits by the time his class concluded! They also offer skiing and snowboarding classes- and who knows… you just might spot an Olympian on the slopes (pro athletes are known to train at the facility).

When you drive the area, you can’t help but feel a longing to connect with your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Therefore, I was adamant on visiting a local ranch. Almosta Ranch Park City is run by Janet Smith, a lovely woman who has a heart for horses. Her business consists on private rides and boarding horses- providing them a healthy environment and room to roam. When we visited, she taught my sons how to brush the horses and care for them with such kindness and TLC. She also took them for a little ride.

For playtime or simple exercise, head to City Park, located in Park City's Old Town. There's a beautiful playground, baseball field, football field, and skatepark. My favorite, however, was the path that walks you along a photo-worthy creek; it's paved for biking, strollers and jogging.

Where to Eat

The town of Park City is absolutely adorable, lined with shops and restaurants. There are plenty of dinner spots to choose from- but if you want something simple and kid-approved, eat at Main Street Pizza & Noodle. For breakfast or lunch, you MUST visit the Deer Valley Grocery Café. The cafe features fresh food paired with ambiance that will take your breath away- you’ll eat outside overlooking a lake surrounded by mountains.


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