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The Grand Wailea Maui

What kid wouldn’t want to channel their inner Tarzan?

In fact, even your inner child will come out and play at The Grand Wailea Maui.

That’s because The Grand Wailea is home to the most amazing rope swing ever, alongside the property’s vast array of pools, waterslides and more.

Yes, it’s a child’s paradise... and paradise found for adults.

Located on the beach in Wailea, Maui, The Grand Wailea Resort & Spa is a 40-acre Waldorf Astoria luxury resort surrounded by lush tropical landscape. While stunning, the resort is also incredibly inviting, making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready for island time.


Our family of five experienced a Grand Wailea suite and I felt like we could live there forever. Extremely spacious with every amenity you can imagine, our 1,000+ square feet of space flaunted a living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, an enormous bathroom and a private lanai with ample seating overlooking the ocean. There are also many places to eat at the resort.

Worth mentioning: The Grand Wailea is undergoing a multi-faceted revitalization. The hotel’s rich heritage and unique character will be preserved and updated resulting in a fresh, modern interpretation of Hawaii and the relaxed elegance for which Grand Wailea is known and celebrated. (We can’t wait to return and experience the property’s enhancements!)


You simply cannot beat the beach at Wailea. It’s exactly what you’d dream Hawaii to be; the sand is ultra-soft, the water is warm, the waves are inviting, and the sunsets are dreamy. If you wake early, rent snorkels and walk straight into the water... steps outside The Grand Wailea is a grand underwater world full of colorful fish and sea turtles (just don’t touch them- they’re protected animals). But as much as I could spend 24/7 at the beach, the kids found themselves in heaven at The Grand Wailea’s grandiose attraction: the pools.

The property consists of nine individual pools on six different levels, connected by a river that carries swimmers along whitewater rapids and gentle currents. Wailea Canyon includes four jungle pools, five intertwining slides, a whitewater rapids slide, a Tarzan pool with rope swing, a sand beach, six waterfalls, caves, three Jacuzzis, the world’s first water elevator, and a swim-up bar. Yes, it really is as good as it sounds.

However, my favorite part of our Grand Wailea experience was the property’s spectacular Lūʻau. Beautifully placed on a vast lush lawn overlooking the ocean sat the resort’s Lūʻau featuring traditional ceremonies, music, and dishes such as poi, kālua pig, poke, and haupia. Upon arrival, there were plenty of games for the kids as we soaked in the scenery. Once seated at our private table, the evening of unforgettable interactive entertainment began. We learned to hula and was wowed by the amazing performances that showcase the myths and legends of Maui in all their colorful, fiery glory.

Embrace the aloha spirit, the coordination of mind and heart within each person. Make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time.

For excursions, I suggest a private surfing lesson from Hawaiian Paddle Sports – guaranteed you’ll stand, stoked(!!), and they also snap pics as proof you made it up. (FYI, lessons are not at Wailea Beach.) You can also check out Maui Snorkeling for boat tours to top snorkel spots. My boys successfully snorkeled- even my four-year-old... and kids under four ride free.

Getting there

Our journey to Maui began via Hawaiian Airlines, a fun and flawless way for family travel to Hawaii. In fact, it was the most enjoyable flying experience I’ve ever had and there’s truly no better way to travel to the islands.

Check-in was a breeze. While covid protocols are constantly changing, we had to prep paperwork prior to departure and showed proof of everything at our departing airport. This made it easy when we arrived in Hawaii- we didn’t have to go through covid checks because we already got it over with.

On board, every seat has its own entertainment system packed with free movies, tons of TV shows and games. I had packed the boys’ backpacks stocked with stuff to do on the plane... truth be told, we never even unzipped their bags! Plus, they served complimentary food and a festive cocktail, clocking you into island time mid-air.

Moral of the story

Your family will be reminded that to travel is to live, and there’s nothing wrong with leaving a piece of your heart in Hawaii.


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