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The Majestic Tetons

If you resonate, join the club. For an escape to our country’s most spectacular views and sights, take the scenic route to Wyoming. Plant yourself in Jackson, and let the mountains take it from there. The transport to the wild west will leave you at peace surrounded by wonderous landmarks.

Where to Stay

Stay at the Snow King Resort, nestled at the base of Snow King Mountain, Jackson’s only full-service year-round property. Upon checking, let your mind check out. The property boasts remodeled rooms with picturesque views… a restaurant, heated pool, hot tub (upon reservation) and activities for the kids.

There are plenty of seasonal activities like the Cowboy Coaster (a thrill-ride through the mountains), along with skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, mini golf and more. All… at your fingertips.

Where to Play

Grand Teton National Park is 20 minutes from Jackson. To get there, you’ll drive through the National Elk Refuge where thousands of elk roam in the winter. (You can sleigh ride through their habitat.) Then, you’ll arrive at the Tetons, dubbed “Grand” for a reason. The sights will simply take your breath away.

Make your way to Jenny Lake and take the stunning hike to Hidden Falls. My young boys powered through it- it’s rather easy and so very beautiful. String Lake is another must-see. Teach your kids a valuable lesson: when you see a lake, take your shoes off, roll up your pants, and get your toes wet.

To capture the memories, hire a local photographer. Schwabacher’s Landing is the ultimate spot for photo-opps. You get the mountains, the river, and serene sunsets.

Jackson is a two-hour drive to the heart of Yellowstone, the largest active geyser field in the world. If you have one day in the national park, check the biggies off your bucket list. First- visit Old Faithful… just plan accordingly so you can see her spout. Also cool: the Castle Geyser, the Grand Prismatic and the Fountain Paint Pots. Keep your eyes peeled for bison as you drive through Hayden Valley where you’ll likely spot more wildlife.

Where to Eat

Jackson Hole is absolutely adorable. Town Square is lined with tons of shops and restaurants. The Jackson Drug first opened its doors in 1919- it’s a local hot spot for burgers, brew and malts. And make sure to treat yourself to Moo’s- the gourmet ice cream shop is an area staple.


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