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Home Safety on Vacay

A home burglary happens every 22.6 seconds in the United States.

62% of those occur during daylight.

Only 12% are planned, meaning they’re "spur of the moment,” and can often be deterred by a secure residence.

You’ve prepped packing lists and secured hotels... but what about preparing yourself- and your home- for summer travel? I sourced my friends at Professional Defense Advisors to share insight when it comes to safe vacation practices. In this article, you’ll learn non-cliché home safety tips, road trip safety tips, and safety items every mom should keep in her purse.

5 Home Safety Tips while Traveling:

1. Install outdoor lighting. Proper lighting is an easy, inexpensive way to secure your home. Put timers on front and backyard lights, and make sure they’re on from dusk to dawn. It’s suggested main lighting is connected to motion sensors, giving the indication someone is home (even if they’re not). It’s also an indicator for neighbors to see if the lights are being triggered by a possible intruder.

2. Update your camera security system. The rise of smart home technology allows you to light, trigger alarm, record and even communicate with someone on your property. Cameras also provide a good deterrent to the "spur of the moment" decision.

3. Consider landscape... probably the most overlooked security feature. Landscape, trees, and shrubs should be trimmed back around doors and windows allowing a very visible area and approach to your home. Landscape lighting is also a plus.

4. Don’t forget about your garage door! The largest door in your home can sometimes be accessed from a vehicle sitting in the driveway unsecured. Keep all garage door remotes in a safe, hidden location.

5. Lock up- always. Many burglars check door locks until they find one that’s open. Before skipping town, make sure all your doors are locked (garage into the house, back doors, side doors, front doors, etc). It’s also a good idea to add extra protection to sliding doors (security bars are an affordable way to do so).

5 Road Safety Tips:

1. Avoid road rage. Give the right of way to rude or impatient drivers. If the driver continues to persist, call 911 and follow the directions from dispatch. Do not stop and confront the driver.

2. The increase in violent crime and carjacking is alarming. Self-service gas pumps and stop lights can be a vulnerable location. At the pump, never leave keys in the ignition and keep your doors always locked. Leave space between you and the car in front of you to drive away if some approaches the vehicle.

3. Travel Documents are the most valuable things you take when going out of town. Your passport/license, credit cards and itinerary contain sensitive information so always keep them close and secure (do not leave them in your car overnight).

4. When staying at a hotel, it’s best to stay off the ground floor. Also, ask for a room safe, and don't open your door to unexpected visitors (you can even request room service be left outside).

5. 65% of burglaries are committed by someone you know or an acquaintance of a known person. To reduce people knowing you’re out of town, be smart about posting on social media. Don’t post in real time, and better yet, share photos upon your return.

Want to stock your purse with the best travel safety finds? Click here to get the scoop- and discounts- on items moms should keep in her handbag.


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