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Nicholas Reports: Travel Style for Spring

The following was written by 8-year-old Nicholas. (He talked, I typed.)

Hi! I'm Nicholas and today I'm sharing four of my favorite travel finds for spring, especially as the sun start to shine!

1. Unbreakable sunglasses

Ro-Sham-Bo Shades is a company that sells colorful and comfortable sunglasses for all ages. What makes them super special is that they’re unbreakable- you can twist, turn, and drop them and they don’t break! They can also float and come in many different colors- you can choose your frame and lens color. My favorite is the Mcfly Red Shades with green polarized mirrored lenses.

2. Stylish sun-safe swimwear

Tom & Teddy sells swimwear for boys (you can even get matching trunks for dad!). The swimwear is sun safe with UPF50+ protection so you don’t get burnt. Choose between a bunch of designs like palm trees, turtles, starfish, stripes and more. You can also buy t-shirts and flip-flops.

3. Cool spring clothes

A company that sells neat kid’s clothes is Hanna Andersson. From babies to big kids, Hanna Andersson offers the softest clothes ever made of organic cotton (which my mom says is a good thing). I really dig their graphic tees and sun block hoodies. My baby brother, who’s shark-obsessed, loves the shark-inspired terry jacket.

4. Waterproof bags

I love taking pictures, especially in the pool or at the beach, so I found a super cool bag that can be worn around the waist- and it’s waterproof. It keeps things (like cameras, iPhones, and toys) from getting washed away or damaged from water. The bags are from Booe, and when used right, no water gets inside! Plus, the bags float, so in case they slip off, they won’t sink.

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