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Nicholas Reports: 4 Road Trip Tips (from a kid)

The following article was written by our very own Nicholas, an 8-year-old CEO. He talked as I typed... so here you go: 4 things he wants to share about road trip vacations.

1. Travel toys

My brothers and I like bringing toys on vacation, but my parents never have room for very big items. Some of our top picks for small travel toys include Kanoodle, Stickers by Number, and some sort of building toy (we like small Plus Plus blocks or Magnatoyds Magnetic Builders).

2. Blog!

I might be young, but I love travel blogging. V-tech has a great “Kidi Cam” that doubles as a selfie stick and all-in-one editor. I do hotel tours of the properties we visit and snap photos during our adventures. My mom also likes us to keep a travel journal while we’re on the road- it’s a great way to track your daily activities.

3. Travel apps

Tell your parents to download GyPSY Guide. The app is a narrated driving tour that uses your location to play stories and information about the areas you’re visiting. We used it throughout the Tetons/Yellowstone and learned so much about the area; we also recently used it in Maui and it told us a bunch of stories about our journey to Hana.

4. Map it out

Whenever we go on long road trips through several states, my mom buys a paper map and lets us plot the trip with a highlighter. It’s super cool to learn about the routes we travel, and it also lets us help her look for signs and turnoffs. Now I have a map collection!


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